Are you interested in buying a house?  We have a team in place to help you do that!  We have 2 programs:

  1. Lease Purchase – We are a licensed real estate brokerage that specializes in lease purchases (commonly known as “Rent-to Own”).  With our lease purchase program, we work with you to get financed, usually within a year.  That means, if you have any credit issues (other than a rental eviction) that are keeping you from getting financed,  we can help you.  Most of our leases are for 1 year.  Some are longer and some are shorter.  When the lease is over, the key to home ownership is the ability to be financed.  We work with you, with the goal of achieving that.  But you should understand that currently, FHA requires a 3 1/2 percent down payment.  With us, you can assume that you’ll need a minimum of 3 percent down payment (which is referred to as “option consideration”) up front.    Bruised credit is OK, but an eviction on your record is not.  Again, we will work with you so that you can truly be financed and own the home by the end of the lease.  And we’ll credit your option consideration and part of your monthly rent (if you pay on time) towards the purchase price.
  2. Traditional – This is appropriate if your credit is good.  We’ll work with you to establish what you can afford and what type of house and neighborhood you are interested in.