Do you want to sell your house?

We have TWO methods available to you if you live in Maryland:


With the lease purchase method, we market your house to tenant buyers that we carefully screen.  We are looking for buyers that have a history of good credit, but perhaps a temporary situation (now fixed) resulted in a temporary period of credit issues.  We work with them to get them financed.  During this time, the tenant/buyer pays you rent and is responsible for the maintenance.  We market heavily with the goal of finding a great tenant/buyer within 30 days.  Our fee is paid by the tenant/buyer, not by you (though if the house is already listed, we are happy to cooperate with the listing agent.


With a traditional sale, we charge a 6% commission.  We are professional marketers and will list your house not only in the MLS, but we’ll make sure it’s listed in dozens of websites, giving you maximum exposure and potential for a quick sale at a price that is acceptable to you.  Our goal is to sell at the price you want.